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Multigrid methods are the most efficient solvers for elliptic partial differential equations (PDEs) and belong to the fastest methods in scientific computing. They are invaluable to engineers and scientists in a wide range of disciplines from computational physics up to financial engineering.

Multigrid is a comprehensive overview of practical multigrid development over the last 20 years. The first part is an introduction to the field of multigrid methods for elliptic PDEs. The second part and the three appendices cover advanced multigrid techniques, including parallel aspects, adaptive techniques, treatment of systems of PDEs, algebraic multigrid (AMG) and an outline of modern multigrid theory. Key Features:

  • Covers the whole field of multigrid methods from the basics up to advanced applications
  • Style is elementary and at the same time mathematically sound
  • With guest contributions by Achi Brandt, Peter Oswald and Klaus Stüben
  • Targeted to both students and professionals.