Martin van Gijzen

Associate Professor of Numerical Mathematics
Department of Applied Mathematical Analysis
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics
and Computer Science
Delft University of Technology

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Martin van Gijzen
Delft University of Technology
Faculty EWI
Van Mourik Broekmanweg 6, room 3.W.780
2628 XE Delft

Tel: +31 15-2782519
Fax: +31 15-2787209


Induced Dimension Reduction (IDR) method

Click here to find out more about IDR(s): papers, MATLAB, Fortran and Python code and examples. IDR(s) is an efficient Krylov method for solving large sparse nonsymmetric systems of linear equations.

The figure shows the convergence of IDR(s) and Bi-CGSTAB for a Helmholtz problem.
IDR(s) is a short recurrence method. The overhead per iteration is comparable with that of Bi-CGSTAB.

A sustainable MRI device to diagnose hydrocephalus

Together with Andrew Webb (LUMC) and Rob Remis (TUD) we received an award to make a simple MRI scanner for use in developing countries.

See this movie about the need for a sustainable MRI device to diagnose hydrocephalus.

See also this article about our project.


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