Fluid Dynamics Building Blocks

FDBB is a fluid dynamics expression template library written in C++11 that provides the algorithmic building blocks for developing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools. It is designed as a header-only C++ library that can be easily integrated into existing CFD codes.

FDBB is implemented as expression template library that builds on existing vector expression template libraries (ETL). The main features of the FDBB library are:

  • Unified API for variables, fluxes, and flux-Jacobians for arbitrary ETLs
  • Use of full functionality and computational efficiency (OpenMP/MPI, CUDA, OpenCL, etc.) of the underlying ETLs
  • Minimal computational overhead
  • Easy integration of new ETLs
The library is licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0.


The software package FEATFLOW2 is the successor of the original software package FEATFLOW. Based on the techniques and ideas of the original package, this finite element library exploits all possibilities of the Fortran 90 language to perform highly efficient finite element calculations, while still being flexible enough to be used for academic purposes.