2nd year of Master studies at TU Delft (2012-2013)

In COSSE, all students change university after one year of studies. My second university was the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands. Here, I had one semester of courses and I wrote my Master thesis which has been supervised by Martin van Gijzen and Marielba Rojas.

1st year of Master studies at KTH Stockholm (2011-2012)

In August 2011, I started my Master studies in the Erasmus Mundus program COSSE. Within this program, I spend the first two semesters at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Most of the courses I took at KTH ended with a project and I listed below a few of them:

Bachelor studies at TU Berlin (2007-2011)

In 2007, I started my studies of Scientific Engineering and Mathematics at TU Berlin.

Some of my most important student projects are listed below:

  • During my Bachelor studies at TU Berlin, I was working as a student research assistant under the supervision of Jan Heiland within the working group for mathematical modelling. In 2010, we participated in the 4th International Conference on Population Balance Modelling in Berlin. (paper, poster)
  • Bachelor thesis in Scientific Engineering: "Numerical Solution of the Vorticity Transport Equation on Nvidia GPUs", together with P. Buran. Our work was supervised by Günter Bärwolff (abstract, report, slides)
  • Bachelor thesis in Mathematics: "Modelling and Simulation of Dispersions in Turbulent Flows", supervised by Volker Mehrmann (abstract, report, slides)
  • Joint student project on the mathematical modelling and simulation of a system of bars. (report, slides)
  • Simulation of slow, incompressible flow using the boundary element method. (report, slides)

Unfortunatelly, most of the above files are in German language.