The images in these pages are scanned versions of photographs that  span twenty years of Gene’s life and travels with the NA community ( including Householder ! ). They were rescued from Gene’s house by Mike Saunders shortly after Gene’s passing. We thought it would be a good idea to post them on the web for all to see.

There were of course many (many) pictures, so it has taken us some time to scan, sort through, and get them ready for viewing. But here they are at last!

We have done our best to incorporate any information available and have classified the pictures accordingly: sometimes by year, sometimes by place, sometimes by subject. Some other times, just by the lab’s date stamp.

As expected, many pictures are of conferences and visits. Others are of people’s houses, in particular, gardens and festive dining rooms. Most of them show colleagues, friends, and their families. Children were a favorite subject. A few photographs come from our own collection and we welcome other pictures of Gene that you would like to contribute.

We would be grateful for any information you can provide about both the photographs in these pages and the pictures you contribute. The site will be housed at iCME, Stanford.

Enjoy the memories!

Marielba Rojas

Mike Saunders