On this page you'll find a rather unorganized cornucopia of things of interest to a bridge player.

My writing

Being a descendant of a teacher's family I couldn't resist writing a couple of lessons about bridge. (You know what Shaw said? Oh, never mind.)

As an introduction to defense I wrote a column of 30 instalments Defend with Berry (and Jos), following an idea of former World Champ Berry Westra.

Encouraged by the modest succes of DWBJ I have ventured another project: Thinking Bridge. .

On a different track is a rather unorthodox explanation of a particular instance of restricted choice, avoiding the Baysian conditional probability that makes this subject otherwise so, erm, interesting.
And now for something completely different.

Most Dutch players know the stories of Ernst Heldring (writing under the nom de plume P. Rodeo) by heart. These stories appeared in the Dutch bridge magazine BRIDGE in the early 50's and have been bundled in the book Rustig en onrustig bridge (Quiet and unquiet bridge). To get some of the flavor here is an example: Christmas.


There is a great way to play live bridge on the internet: OkBridge. For more information or a try click


You'll find players from all categories, novice to world champ, and from more than 90 countries. At this moment OKBridge has some 16000 subscribers.

The OkB experience.

For what it's worth I have created an archive of my experiences at OkB. I hoped to keep this updated, but to no avail. After about a year another activity took over. Here it is, my Archive.

5th chair

The fifth chair is a program to educate novices and intermediates and has been initiated by the OKBridge community. It is part of a mentor novice program. More of it on their own webpage.

Bridge Base Online (BBO)

Another way to play online bridge (for free!) is Bridge Base Online . They also have a vugraph service that broadcasts live covering of international events and an archive of events in the past,


Here are some ten more Bridge links.
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