Supervised master projects

Ongoing master projects

  1. IGA-MPM: An isogeometric material point method (Stijn Ruiter, together with Deepesh Toshniwal, start October 2020)
  2. Physics-informed neural networks for efficient design optimization of wind-turbines (Fernando Wanguemert Guerra, together with Richard Ahlfeld (Monolith AI), start September 2020)
  3. Towards a QAOA benchmark for quantum computers (Koen Mesman, together with Zaid Al-Ars, start September 2020)
  4. Quantum Machine Learning (Merel Schalkers, together with David de Laat, start July 2020)
  5. Quantum-assisted truss optimization (Jens de Zoete, together with Boyang Chen, start July 2020)
  6. Application of continuous optimization methods to quantum algorithm design (Smaran Adarsh, together with Zaid Al-Ars, start June 2020)
  7. Algebraic flux correction enhanced by scientific machine learning (Sannia UI Haq, supervisor together with Deepesh Toshniwal, start May 2020, link)
  8. Physics-informed neural networks for fluid flows (Frank van Ruiten, supervisor together with Deepesh Toshniwal, start February 2020, link)
  9. Implementation and testing of quantum algorithms for CFD analysis (Enrico Cappanera, supervisor together with Marc Gerritsma, start January 2020)
  10. Implementation and performance study of a practical quantum algorithm for solving linear systems of equations (Sigurdur Sigurdsson, start October 2019, link)
  11. Structural preserving methods for hyperbolic conservation laws (Sebastiaan van Schie, supervisor together with Deepesh Toshniwal and Marc Gerritsma, start April 2019)
  12. Comparative study of numerical methods for fluid flow analysis (Miquel Herrera Clapera, supervisor together with Stefan Hickel, start February 2019)

Finished master projects

  1. Modelling Large Membrane-Like Structures in the Ocean Environment An Application of Isogeometric Analysis on Fluid-Structure Interaction (Hugo Verhelst, supervisor together with Fred Vermolen, Thesis finished July 2019, link)
  2. Image Segmentation of the gamma'-Phase in Nickel-base Superalloys utilizing Deep Learning (Franziska Riegger, supervisor together with Julian von Lautz and Hendrik Kramer from MTU Aero Engines, Thesis finished January 2019, link)
  3. Efficient solution of Poisson's equation by the variational collocation method using dataflow computing (Marlijn van Veen, start February 2017, project description, link)
  4. Towards a Material Point Method with Powell-Sabin spline basis functions: MPM with higher-order C1-continuous basis functions on triangulations (Pascal de Koster, supervisor together with Vahid Galavi from Deltares, Thesis finished August 2018, project description)
  5. Solving Poisson's equation using dataflow computing (Ruben van Nieuwpoort, supervisor together with Georgi Gaydadjiev, Thesis finished December 2017, project description, link)
  6. High performance data traversal: Cache aware computing with space filling curve (Sagar Dolas, supervisor together with Vahid Galavi from Deltares, Thesis finished August 2017, project description, link)
  7. Multi-patch discontinuous Galerkin isogeometric analysis for porous media flow (Kenny David, supervisor, Thesis finished January 2017 , project description, link)
  8. High-order material point method (Roel Tielen, supervisor together with Lars Beuth from Deltares, Thesis finished July 2016, project description, link)
  9. Compatible isogeometric discretizations for the incompressible Euler equations (Stevie-Ray Janssen, supervisor together with Mark Gerritsma from Aerospace Engineering TU Delft, Thesis finished November 2016, link)
  10. Isogeometric analysis for a reaction-diffusion model of human brain development (Jochen Hinz, supervisor together with Fred Vermolen, Thesis finished January 2016, link)
  11. Towards a multiscale discrete particle model for stability prediction of granular flood defences (Jakob Maljaars, co-supervisor, Thesis finished January 2016)
  12. Application of the algebraic flux correction algorithm to a one-dimensional water flood model (Prakhar Agarwal, co-supervisor, start November 2014, project description, link)
  13. Isogeometric analysis for compressible flows with application in turbomachinery (Andrzej Jaeschke, supervisor, Thesis finished August 2015, project description, link)
  14. Numerical methods for differential algebraic equations (Kristin Altmann, co-supervisor, Thesis finished February 2015, project description, link)
  15. Untersuchungen einer Brinkmann-Penalty-Methode kombiniert mit hochauflösendem FEM-FCT zur Approximativen Lösung der kompressiblen Euler-Gleichungen (Malte Schuh, supervisor, finished December 2015, TU Dortmund)