Supervised PhD projects

Ongoing PhD projects

  1. Vijai Suriyababu, Automated Grid Generation for Hexahedral and Hex-dominated Grids (co-promotor)
  2. Hugo Verhelst, Numerical Analysis of Dynamic Response of Flexible Structures in the Ocean Environment (co-promotor)
  3. Roel Tielen, High-Order Material Point Methods with Application in Fluid Flow Simulation (co-promotor)
  4. Jie Liu, Efficient and Accurate Modeling of Water Motion, Salt Transport and Sediment Dynamics in Tidal Estuaries (co-promotor)
  5. Giorgio Tosti Balducci, Quantum Algorithms for Aerospace Applications, TU Delft Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (daily supervisor together with Boyang Chen)
  6. Andrzej Jaeschke, Isogeometric Analysis for Adjoint-based Design Optimization of Turbomachinery Applications, Lodz University of Technology, Poland, (external supervisor)

Finished PhD projects

  1. Babak Sayyid Hosseini, Isogeometric Analysis for Multiphase Fluid-Structure Interaction, TU Dortmund University, Germany (external supervisor, date of defense 24-02-2021)
  2. Jochen Hinz, PDE-Based Parameterisation Techniques for Isogeometric Analysis Applications, Thesis (co-promotor, date of defense 17-07-2020)
  3. Elizaveta Wobbes, Algorithmic Improvements of the Material-Point Method and Taylor Least-Squares Function Reconstruction, Thesis (co-promotor, date of defense 18-12-2019)
  4. Jakolien van der Meer, Numerical Simulation of Foam Flow in Porous Media, Thesis (co-promotor, date of defense 31-01-2018)