Supervised PhD projects

Ongoing PhD projects

  1. Calin Georgescu, Quantum CFD (promotor)
  2. Mengyun Wang, PDE-based parameterization method in Isogeometric Analysis and its application in twin-screw rotary compressors (CSC host)
  3. Jingya Li, Computer-aided design and analysis tools for offshore floating photovoltaics (promotor)
  4. Koen Mesman, Quantum-enhanced AI for sustainable materials in aerospace (promotor)
  5. Arne Wulff, Quantum-enhanced AI for structural design in aerospace (promotor)
  6. Jie Liu, Efficient and Accurate Modeling of Water Motion, Salt Transport and Sediment Dynamics in Tidal Estuaries (promotor)
  7. Merel Schalkers, Quantum CFD (promotor)
  8. Vijai Suriyababu, Automated Grid Generation for Hexahedral and Hex-dominated Grids (promotor)
  9. Giorgio Tosti Balducci, Quantum Algorithms for Aerospace Applications, TU Delft Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (daily supervisor together with Boyang Chen)

Finished PhD projects

  1. Hugo Verhelst, Isogeometric Analysis of Wrinkling, Thesis (promotor, date of defense 18-01-2024)
  2. Ye Ji, On domain parameterization for isogeometric analysis, Dalian University of Technology, China, (CSC host, date of defense 21-11-2023)
  3. Andrzej Jaeschke, Flow channel shape optimization based on algorithmic differentiation and isogeometric analysis, Lodz University of Technology, Poland, (external advisor, date of defense 09-09-2022)
  4. Roel Tielen, P-multigrid methods for Isogeometric analysis, Thesis (promotor, date of defense 21-10-2021)
  5. Babak Sayyid Hosseini, Isogeometric Analysis for Multiphase Fluid-Structure Interaction, Thesis, TU Dortmund University, Germany (external supervisor, date of defense 24-02-2021)
  6. Jochen Hinz, PDE-Based Parameterisation Techniques for Isogeometric Analysis Applications, Thesis (co-promotor, date of defense 17-07-2020)
  7. Elizaveta Wobbes, Algorithmic Improvements of the Material-Point Method and Taylor Least-Squares Function Reconstruction, Thesis (co-promotor, date of defense 18-12-2019)
  8. Jakolien van der Meer, Numerical Simulation of Foam Flow in Porous Media, Thesis (co-promotor, date of defense 31-01-2018)